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Your experts for innovative photovoltaic mounting systems.

Are you a solar engineer, project developer or wholesaler? Then we are exactly the right company for you. Mounting Solutions is committed to providing innovative, efficient and, above all, sustainable photovoltaic solutions.

Decades of experience have shown us that it is often the smallest components that are essential for the entire project to work, and the best solutions are often surprisingly simple. That is our philosophy at Mounting Solutions.

In addition to our easy-to-mount products, we guarantee a comprehensive service including structural calculations using the MoSo Tool.

We look forward to working with you.

Mounting Solutions

Our Easyspeed mounting systems

Perfect mounting solutions for PV systems

Our modular systems mean that only a few components are required to install a wide variety of mounting systems. The small number of different components allow you to make ideal use of your storage capacities.

High quality and easy, uncomplicated handling of our products are our top priority, and so is fast delivery.

Easyspeed Flat 1

our innovative flat-roof solution for photovoltaic systems.

Easyspeed Roof 1

the ideal substructure for every type of roof cladding

Easyspeed Metal 1

the ideal solution for mounting PV systems on a wide variety of metal roofs

Please feel free to send us an inquiry about our range of products.

MoSo Tool

Perfect planning for working and sustainable PV projects

It goes without saying that perfect installation of our mounting systems requires correct planning and structural calculations. For this purpose, we have developed the MoSo Tool. It helps you with calculations and selecting materials and makes step-by-step planning of PV systems easy and easy-to-understand.

Completed projects