Your carport, our PV assembly system – the perfect combination!


MoSo Carport CPS – the photovoltaic system for carport roofs

There is hardly a better place for a photo­vol­taic system than on the roof of a carport. It’s easy to explain the benefits: The green electri­city generated there can be used to charge e‑vehicles and cover house­hold electri­city needs. Economy and eco-frien­d­­li­­ness go hand in hand here. Our MoSo Carport CPS product – the steel solar carport – allows us to offer a modular system.

Every­thing from the double parking spaces to larger parking areas is easy to install. Typical for Mounting Solutions: whether for a flat roof, pitched roof, green­field or carport solution, the greatest atten­tion is paid to how light­weight the compon­ents are and how easy all our products are to install. As a service, the size calcu­la­tion of the respec­tive concrete founda­tion, inclu­ding the corre­spon­ding steel reinforce­ment, is also included – that goes without saying for us. Planning a solar carport? Then get in touch with Mounting Solutions.


The benefits of our carport systems

These benefits make the diffe­rence between a solar carport and the MoSo Carport CPS:

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High-quality design – durable and corrosion-free

Simple and cost-effec­­tive assembly

Light­weight, prefa­bri­cated compon­ents – no cutting neces­sary on-site

Modular system – exten­sions are easy to implement

Easy mounting of PV modules

Every­thing at a glance  Every­thing at a glance 
  • Standard size double parking space 5 x 5.3 metres
  • 12-degree slope
  • Indivi­du­ally extendable
  • Hot-dip galva­nised founda­tion basel
  • Wind load qp 0.80 kN/m2
  • Snow load sk 2.90 kN/m2
  • Mounting of PV modules on trape­zo­idal steel sheets

Your contact for the MoSo Carport CPS

Reinhard Bolter

Reinhard Bolter

Eugen Getzner Straße 7
6710 Nenzing

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