The MoSo tool for planning PV systems – perfect for the job!


We are experts in substruc­tures for PV systems of all sizes: from flat and pitched roofs to carports and small or large green­fields. We lay the founda­tion for functio­ning and durable PV projects. Because our products provide the right support for PV systems, and that begins with planning. Our MoSo tool allows us to handle the entire design, inclu­ding the project-specific struc­tural analysis. That’s simply a service we provide. Moreover, we offer planners and solar instal­lers the option of using our MoSo software tool.


The MoSo tool makes the step-by-step planning of PV systems simple and compre­hen­sible. From collec­ting basic data to the final project report. That makes it possible to find and imple­ment the best solution for the available area quickly.

Your benefits
Your benefits
  • Select the desired module from the tool database
  • Select from all roofings
  • Simulate the PV module design
  • Calcu­late and check the struc­tural analysis
  • Plan all the electrics (string planning, yield calculation)

We are thrilled with the MoSo tool! And we would love to pass on this enthusiasm:

Reinhard Bolter

Reinhard Bolter

Eugen Getzner Straße 7
6710 Nenzing

Projects we’ve implemented

Melk: Open space GMS Max

Baumgar­ten­berg: Open Space Kits 2.2

St. Johann: Open Space Kits 2.2

Würflach: Open Space Kits 2.2

Salzburg: Open space kits 2.2

Schwert­berg: facade system