Easyspeed F1 - the aerodynamic mounting system for framed photovoltaic modules


With Easyspeed F1, we have developed an innova­tive flat roof system that requires few compon­ents and can be installed quickly and easily.

With only six compon­ents, it is possible to install nine diffe­rent systems in east/west and south varia­tions on flat roofs.

Prefa­bri­cated compon­ents and the use of only one tool allow for quick installation.

We achieve low point loads on the roof cladding and insula­tion by using large support plates. Easyspeed F1 is also charac­te­rised by the fact that the compon­ents do not require any time-consuming surveying work, enable tension-free module storage and uneven­ness on the roof can be well compen­sated for by movable adapters.

Easyspeed F1 enables simple and cost-effec­­tive storage & handling with low space requi­re­ments. Project planning is done with the MoSo tool inclu­ding a ballas­ting calcu­la­tion accor­ding to the geogra­phical conditions.


With Easyspeed F1 to the PV system on the flat roof

We have experi­ence on the roof. That’s also how Easyspeed came into being. A substruc­ture for a PV system on a flat roof has to be able to do a lot: It must withstand wind and weather. Roof drainage must also be guaran­teed. Good load distri­bu­tion and low point loads are essen­tial. The construc­tion must not damage the surface of the roof. In addition, uneven­ness on the roof should be compen­sated for.The setup of the instal­la­tion should be fast and easy as well as the alignment needs to be correct, and an easy mainten­ance is also desired. So, there is a long list of requi­re­ments. With Easyspeed F1, we have created the right product for this.

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Simple struc­ture

No time-consuming surveying work required

Low concen­trated loads on the roofing and insulation

Stress-free module inven­tory and movable adapters to compen­sate for any unevenness

Optimal positional stabi­lity – no creeping possible

At a glance At a glance
  • Six main components
  • Nine diffe­rent systems
  • No long components
  • Alpine variant for higher snow loads
  • Plates distri­bute bearing weight
  • Good roof drainage
  • Adapters compen­sate for uneven roofs
  • Building protec­tion mat without plasti­ciser migration
  • Clamping possible on short & long sides of the module
  • South 18° tilt angle
  • South 25° tilt angle
  • Alpine south 18° tilt angle
  • Alpine South 25° tilt angle
  • East/west
  • East/west Alpine

Variants additio­nally

  • South 18° shading angle, clamping on long module side
  • South 25° shading angle, clamping on long module side
  • East/west, clamping on long module side

Your contact for the Easyspeed F1 solution

Reinhard Bolter

Reinhard Bolter

Eugen Getzner Straße 7
6710 Nenzing

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